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Public Health Clinics

The CIIS Resource Center provides the following benefits to public health clinics:

Clinical Integration Support
  • Ability to add public health clinic contacts and users that need access to the CIIS Resource Center and the CIIS web application.
  • Ability to update information on your clinic (i.e, EHR product, contacts).
  • Ability to access information on CIIS trainings available based on user type.
  • Ability to access CIIS guidance documents and job aids, covering a variety of CIIS features.
Data Exchange
  • Either you or your EHR vendor may validate HL7 messages for your practice. Instantaneous results can be shared with your vendor and CIIS staff.
  • The CIIS Resource Center HL7 testing tool provides detailed error reporting to give to your EHR vendor for resolution, including information necessary to correct formatting/content issues without delay.
  • Upon submission of 13 successful test messages (10 distinct administered and 3 distinct historical messages), your practice will be listed in the CIIS Resource Center as having met the HL7 messaging requirements set forth by CIIS and will be placed in the CIIS queue for onboarding.